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The LSC way has proven to be one of the most effective training methods in the country:

*10 High School All Americans

*Over 60 Collegiate Athletes 

Assisting athletic development since 2003:  We help athletes reach higher levels of performance by developing explosive movement and speed, while giving athletes the strength and stamina to maintain their speed throughout the course of competition.  Furthermore, athletes are given the mental and psychological tools necessary to enhance their performance and conquer their goals!


Speed 101 (highest value)

Across all sports, speed is perhaps the greatest attribute an athlete can have.  The ability to compete fast is what separates high school from college, and college from professionals.  Our speed training program goes into exquisite detail teaching athletes all the hacks to significantly increase both their timed speed and playing speed.

Speed and Conditioning (most popular)

The speed and conditioning program takes some of the basic elements of Speed 101 and combines them with a robust conditioning program tailored to the athlete’s particular sport.  Football, soccer, rugby lacrosse etc. all have different conditioning requirements.  This program ensures the athlete is getting the optimal fitness for their respective sport.


Strength and Conditioning

Need to add a bit of strength to your regime?  Strength and conditioning mixes sport-specific strength training with sport specific conditioning to allow athletes to gain more power and elevate their game.  To best translate strength training in sports, we train the body as a singular unit (as opposed to isolating specific muscles), encouraging rapid muscle contractions and functional strength.


About LSC

Yamar Washington is a Sports Performance Coach specializing in Speed and Conditioning.  With well over a decade of experience working with young athletes to improve their performance, as well as adults looking to upgrade their fitness, Yamar develops integrative fitness plans that combine holistic health, flexibility, interval training, cardiovascular training, and strength development.  Having been a high performance athlete in both rugby and football, Yamar utilizes his own experiences in the sports world to construct workouts.


"I went through several fitness certification programs, but training to get into an NFL camp or catch the eye of USA Rugby were my greatest teachers.  I basically tested out different training regimes on myself, learned from top sports fitness gurus, and noticed what brought out the best results." 


Furthermore, Yamar believes that a strong mind-body connection leads to optimal results in not just fitness, but in a person's overall life.


"Talk to your body.  It will do what you say.  Look in the mirror.  Be good to yourself.  Tell yourself that you're smart, good-looking, successful, and whatever else you desire.  Believe it to your core, and the world will shape around those beliefs to make them real." 


Yamar is a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor's of Arts in Communication and Culture, an English minor, and a Management Certification through the Liberal Arts and Management Program. He also holds a USA Weightlifting Certification and a USA Track and Field Certification.

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